Powerline (PLC) Communication Module

Power line Communication and Control Module utilizes the existing power line infrastructure, both indoor and outdoor, for networking and communication thereby eliminating the expense and inconvenience of new wires or antenna-based networks. For PLC Communication, Ariane’s PLM-1 PLC Modem Chip is used.

On-board current sensor, LEDs, RS232 debugging port, Hex-Rotary Switch and a controllable relay are available to enable application developers to create their own solutions.

Uses Existing Power Line for Communication

Communication is done on the existing power line. So that there is no need to carry a separate cable or create a RF channel in order to communicate between devices.
Because electrical power is a universal wiring network, power line communication (PLC) is becoming an excellent choice for many applications including:
– Smart Energy applications,
– Home and building automation,
– Renewable energy management,
– Public lighting,
– Advanced metering,
– Plug-In Electric Vehicles,
– Street Light Management.

On board PLM-1 PLC Modem Chip provides efficient error detection and error correction algorithms in order to make reliable communication in very noisy electrical environments possible. Transmission rate can be programmed from 100 bps to 30,000 bps.
On Board Current Sensing

On board Current Sensor can be used to monitor the current connected to the unit.
Easy Device Addressing

By using Hex-Rotary switch, address assignment has become simpler. Keeping deployment time and possible user errors in mind, hex rotary switch provides a fast and reliable operation during the installation and maintenance.
DIN Enclosure

DIN-Rail enclosure easies mounting and saves time required for the deployment.
Power line Communication and Control Module

DIN Rail Enclosure

Microprocessor Atmel ATMEGA88PA
Power line Modem Ariane PLM-1
Input Single-Phase 220V AC
Current Sensor On-Board, up to 25A current limit
Debugging RS232 Serial
Peripherals x3 Hex-Rotary Switch for easy addressing
x3 User LED
Enclosure DIN Rail Enclosure
Dimensions 99.3mm x 80mm (3.90″ x 3.14″)
Key Benefits of Power line Communication Module

– Uses existing Power Line for communication,
– On board current sensor,
– Hosts controllable Relay on-board,
– Hex Rotary Switch for easy address setting,
– User LEDs,
– Long Distance Communication,
– RS 232 Serial Output for debugging,
– High quality DIN Rail enclosure.
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