Embedded Linux System

Nimbus Cloud Embedded Linux System comes with standard Linux kernel installed. It can be booted from NAND Flash, SD Card or over network. Drivers for all peripherals on board such as TFT LCD, VGA, Touch screen, RTC are supported.
Wide Range of LCD and VGA Support

LCDs plays a critical role for the success of an end-product. Nimbus Cloud supports a wide array of displays including TFT and STN displays. Nimbus Cloud boards can also be connected to any VGA monitor for display output.
On-board Flash

Nimbus Cloud boards shipped with on-board NAND flash that stores the Linux kernel. There’s no need to connect any other peripheral like SD Cards.
Wide Range of I/O Ports

Nimbus Cloud is engineered to include modular and innovative expansion architecture. Access to UART, SPI, Digital I/O lines can be accessed by using expansion headers.

Nimbus Cloud accommodates following peripherals on-board:
– SD Card Interface
– 10/100 Ethernet
– 4-wire Touchscreen interface
– LCD and VGA Interface
– Inverter power
– Battery backed RTC
Front and Back View of the Nimbus Board

CPU Atmel AT32AP7000 up to 180Mhz
Memory Up to 128 MiB SDRAM
Flash Memory 2 MiB NOR Flash for Boot Code and Linux Kernel
128 MiB NAND Flash for Storage (up to to 1GiB)
Network 10/100 BaseTX Ethernet with Auto-MDIX
Memory Card SD or MMC Card
RF Expansion Zigbee Support (Raindrop)
RS232 Ports 2 RS232 ports, one of them is the default Linux console
Display TFT or STN panel support. Full color up to 640×480, less colors up to 2048×2048
VGA interface (up to 640×480 resolution)
Touchscreen 4-Wire Touch Panel Support. Supports flex cable pitch of 1.00/1.25 mm
Real Time Clock Battery backed RTC
LED Indicators 4 LED Indicators for power, heartbeat, flash activity and RF activity
Power Supply 12V supply range
Operating System Standard Linux Kernel
Boot Loader Das U-Boot
Dimensions 120 mm x 85mm (4.72″ x 3.34″)
Key Benefits of Nimbus Cloud Embedded Linux System

– On board Flash gives ability to boot directly from local storage,
– On board LCD driving,
– VGA output,
– Touchscreen,
– SD Card expansion,
– RF Expansion,
– Fully customizable according to application,
– Small size.
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