Mini Touch Screen

Mini Touch Screen solution is specifically crafted for retail businesses and in-store advertisers in order to maintain the customer experience. “Mini Touch Screens” are integrated with embedded computers so that developing user interfaces and applications are eased and standardized.
The embedded technology of the Mini Touch Screens allows system integrators to place the whole solution on shelves and space-limited places easily without any hassle.

Mini Touch Screen basically allows brands:
– The ability to analyze product demand and the consumer behavior,
– Effects positively on consumers’ decision of purchasing (Moment of Buying),
– Helps consumers to choose the best product for their needs,
– Achieve valuable competitive advantage in stores.
Mini-Touchscreen vs Tablets
– Mini Touchscreen is powered automatically once connected to the power outlet,
– Mini Touchscreen is designed specifically for 7days x 24hours of continuous operation,
– Mini Touchscreen applications are fail-safe,
– Mini Touchscreen utilizes high-color, wide angle, high brightness TFT Screens.

Mini Touch Screens comes with different LCD sizes including 4.3″, 5.5″, 7″, 10.4″, 12″, 12.1″ and 13″. Units can be connected to a Wired and Wireless Networks. This allows system owners to update the contents of the application from any location remotely.

Part No LCD Size Type Active Area Network
NIM-TS-55 5.5″ Resistive 111.4mm x 83.5mm Ethernet
NIM-TS-70 7.0″ Resistive 152.4mm x 91.44mm
NIM-TS-104 10.4″ Resistive 211.2mm x 158.4mm
NIM-TS-121 12.1″ Resistive 246.0mm x 184.5mm

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