Embedded Media Player

Embedded Media Player solution provides a fail-safe operation while minimizing the operation costs and increasing the user experience. The screens’ message and video content can be updated over the internet or locally by using the SD Card.
Nimbus Embedded Media Players is the ideal solution for space limited environments like market shelves, ad units and stands. Players units support both static and dynamic IP address assignments and remote updates, allowing maximum accessibility.

Nimbus Media Player

Some highlights:
– Can be easily fit where space is limited,
– Ideal solution for Ad Players, Advertisement Units for Market Shelves, Meeting room organizers,
– Fail-safe media player ensures maximum uptime,
– Automatically starts playing media available in the SD Card when power is applied,
– Can be monitored and updated remotely.
Embedded Media Player Advantages
– Embedded Media Player is powered automatically once connected to the power outlet,
– Embedded Media Player is designed specifically for 7days x 24hours of continuous operation,
– Embedded Media Player applications are fail-safe,
– Embedded Media Player utilizes high-color, wide angle, high brightness TFT Screens.

Embedded Media Players comes with different LCD sizes including 4.3″, 5.5″, 7″, 10.4″, 12″, 12.1″ and 13″. Units can be connected to a Wired and Wireless Networks. This allows system owners to update the contents of the application from any location remotely.

Part No LCD Size Active Area Network
NIM-MP-55 5.5″ 111.4mm x 83.5mm Ethernet
NIM-MP-70 7.0″ 152.4mm x 91.44mm
NIM-MP-104 10.4″ 211.2mm x 158.4mm
NIM-MP-121 12.1″ 246.0mm x 184.5mm

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