Indefia in a nutshell.

Indefia is owned by Hazar Erciyes Limited Co. and located in Istanbul, Turkey. Indefia has a proven track record of delivering solutions to many Fortune 500 companies.

Indefia has grown since 2003 when a group of Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduates decided to combine their individual knowledge, expertise and practices to create one strong company. In spite of our growth, the founders remain involved in the technical aspects of all of our projects.

What we do?

We provide products, R&D services and solutions to different customers in a wide range of market segments at any level of complexity. Indefia has specific expertise in development of hardware, software products and services that enable our customers for rapid deployment of their products into the market.

How do we do it better?

We have been delivered dozens of products and solutions to market since we were founded, we’ve invested huge amount time and thinking into product design and precision manufacturing. With all its experience and knowledge, Indefia becomes an ideal partner for driving sustained success for your projects.



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