Embedded solutions for your business

We design products and deliver complete solutions by using cutting edge technologies. With its experience both in hardware and software, Indefia drives sustained success for your projects.

We offer an embedded computing platform: Nimbus Embedded Linux boards, wireless expansion transceivers, powerline communication units  and software support.  Indefia’s products enables your systems to be connected and controlled from anywhere over Internet.


Mini Touchscreen Applications

Indefia offers a broad variety of Digital point-of-purchase (POP) solutions, stand-alone media players and digital signage units.

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Embedded Media Player

Our Embedded Media Player solution features a compact hardware and software modules that reduces the risk of down-time and controlling costs for digital signage and stand-alone media player applications.

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Powerline Modules

We provide Powerline Communication Module, that utilizes the existing power line infrastructure, both indoor and outdoor, for networking and communication thereby eliminating the expense and inconvenience of new wires or antenna-based networks.

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